Friday, 7 September 2012

A Guide to Procrastionation

It's that particularly gruesome time of the term again, exams.If you love exams as much as I do you are probably reading this blog or on YouTube; either are standard and acceptable forms of procrastination. Let's face it watching our finger nails grow utilises the hours in the day more adequately than study ever will. To assist my own procrastination (and indeed yours)  I have compiled an extensive-ish list of 5 things to waste your time on. Because I am a suspenseful bastard I have arranged these from least to most stimulating. (I am becoming technological machine in my old age and have I have managed to link everything- horahh).

 5.Have a LIKE-ATHON 
Pick a person.. any person and tell them how much you like them.  It is preferable that you know them, because it is hard to unsubscribe to the sex-offenders list. This simple like-athon exercise is a spectacular way to conjure some exotic similes and metaphors (you know, the shit that often impresses the English department).
Please ignore how temporarily illiterate I become on Facebook chat

There is something immensely addictive in watching auditions, especially ones featuring that one brutally honest bastard Simon Cowell.  It always boosts my self esteem when the auditions feature purple Lycra and a man with well tuned flatulence problems.

 A wise friend once pondered they could sea a lot of potential for Frank Ocean puns, upon instinct a wave of them do spring to mind... so follow in my rather average sized foot steps and conjure as many Frank Ocean puns humanly possible... well at least 15 

Her playlists are procrastination for the soul and make your iTunes seem pretty funkadelic, you know you want some. 

  Self-described on their YouTube channel as two guys making sweet sweet music... Walshy + The Other Guy are 9.91 minutes of comical-musical-awesomeness. The use of sexy weather puns are a ray of sunshine to the world of YouTube. If the Vlog brothers/  Loosest Aussie Bloke had some kind of awkward cyber lovechild, he would be The Frenchmen Platoon. An injury warning before viewing; may cause broken fingers.  
Note, I am not liable for the consequences of your procrastination.  Happy examinations.