Saturday, 17 August 2013

Gays Pay Their Taxes Too

Today, purely by chance I found myself caught up in a Same Sex Marriage protest. It is almost magical the way the universe can make certain moments collide for seemingly no reason. This week I have been a wreck, for no reason at all. Today, I met an elderly couple who wake up everyday knowing that in their lifetime it is unlikely the law will ever legally validate their love. Today, I saw a couple homophobic bigots being homophobic bigots. Today, I suddenly felt part of something; today I wasn't a total wreck. 

I easily get worked up about a lot of things (see posts about Sultanas, Dolphin Rape and Jodi Picoult).... but the fact that the same sex marriage debate is actually a legitimate issue in 2013 really, really, really, really shits me (emphasis on the really).  

One couple in the wave of protest caught my eye. Not because of their flamboyant gettup or luscious, rainbow hair.... but their walkers. They dragged behind the hundred people in a painfully slow gait. Before the protest veered up another street they decided to take some time out on a bench. Because my parents and school taught me absolutely nothing about stranger danger, I gave into my compulsion to go and talk to these women. We spoke about nothing, and everything....

I could go and pick up some random boy at the Gold Coast after a 48 hour bender and then drag him drunken to alter and still have more right to wed then the two women (with their walkers) who have been in a monogamous relationship for more than 3 decades. These two women have raised two children, own an apparently well mannered beagle and have always paid their taxes (because, yes....gays pay taxes too). And after three decades they are together facing Diane's terminal illness; they have supported each other in sickness and health. 

3 days ago Tony Abbott, the leader of the opposition party in Australia and an (arguably) influential voice in our nation told a Sydney broadcaster that he is not someone who wants to see radical change based on the fashion on the moment on the issue of gay marriage. I'm sorry, but last time I checked being a raging homosexual wasn't the new black of this spring's line in vogue. The two women who I met today,  have shared 30 years of their life together. I assume, that it is a little more than a mere fad Mr. Abbott why should who you love make you less of a person in the eyes of the law? 

Today I actually legitimately witnessed an elderly onlooker at the protest glance at a gay couple who were holding a baby and remark,
"Poor kid being raised by a couple of fags; it will only end up like them" 
To me, the baby already had an advantage on this man. Being raised in a same sex household means that the child won't become a homophobic asshole. Just as the sexual orientation does not affect the ability of human being to hold a job, pay a mortgage, eat it does not affect their ability to raise a child. 

The same elderly onlooker who was giving the gay couple and the baby they were holding the stink eye, then spotted a flyer about Transgenders which had fallen into the gutter. What he chose to do next, I still only reflect on in utter disbelief. He spat on the flyer. An actual wad of saliva actually exited his mouth and landed onto the block letters Being Transgender in Australia. 

I would just like to take a moment to point out that all this happened today, on August 17 2013. The quotes were authentic, and homophobic shitheads suck.  Last time I checked Jesus didn't say... Love your neighbor unless they are gay or a transgender because they are inferior and deserve less rights. 

If we bring each other happiness, why does it fucking matter who we love. I think that is what Jesus would say.