Saturday, 19 May 2012

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: A Review

An admission: I have an addictive personality. I form highly inappropriate addictions which I find hard to give up. Don't stress, I don't plan on becoming a smoker anytime soon. This mainly because I am already a chronic asthmatic. My latest addiction has been my Friday nights with the  ABC's  Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Folks, please, try to contain to jealously you hold towards my outrageous social life.

A fierce flapper detective from 1928 Melbourne has fulfilled my deranged pleasure of watching murder mysteries. Miss Phryne Fisher has seduced her way into my weekly Friday night viewing for the past seven weeks  as the ABC aired Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Based upon Greenwood's novels which were first published in 1989, the series made the leap to television this year. 
I have religiously been following Miss Fisher as she hungered to discover the fate of her kidnapped sister, Janey. Her character is simple and outrageously fun as she breaks hearts and outwits the dumb-ass police force. The most appealing aspect of the series was the sense of fun which prevailed through the hardship Miss Fisher experiences. Miss Fisher and other characters are engaging and regularly have 'fun' moments which  the setting  of the late 1920's permits. This fun vibe and intriguing  storyline made me yearn to spend my past seven Friday nights in the company of Miss Fisher and friends as I wanted to see how underlying storyline unfolded. I will be the first to acknowledge that a couple of episodes (in particular the first couple) became a bit of a drag.  However, the final episode aired last night didn't disappoint as it integrated suspense and drama as viewers discovered the fate of Miss Fisher's younger sister. I highly recommend for any fans of Agatha Christie's or Midsummer Murders. 4.5/5 stars. 
So being a book nerd, I was traumatised to discover that I had viewed the series without reading the books. However, in my defence I legitimately was unaware of their existence. I have however recently acquired the first book in the series and plan to inhale the remaining seventeen books when I my schedule permits. It is my understanding that the episodes are based on the novels and the order of episodes is a reflection of the order of publication. My expectations are high for the novels as the series transferred well onto television. 
With the series sadly over,I refuse to go cold turkey on my addiction. I will tackily finish this post by saying I must leave, I have a novel to get high on....

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