Friday, 8 June 2012

Another Tale of My Spontaneity

Like most people I have my flaws. I think my parents should probably return me; my feet regularly loose their ability to stand, I have various lung defects and teeth that cost more than a cheap second hand car. Last night I discovered that I am a defective navigator. Admittedly I have been in denial about this after receiving a C- for Navigation in Maths A. I know I am not alone in this probably, in fact the more I think about it, the more I'm certain it is a hereditary trait (for the past four years my mother has walked in the wrong direction out of the lift at my monthly orthodontist visits).

In the past 16 years 5 months I have accomplished some seriously stupid, cringe-worthy things. Even now, some memories catch me off guard and give me the urge to curl up in a ball of shame. I have decided that I can remember the events of last night in two different ways. a) another event to add to my long (and probably never-ending list of stupidity) or b) another event to prove my spontaneous tendencies. Which ever way I choose to look at it will never forget the complexities my friend Em and I encountered ass we endeavored to find a carpark  and the Schonell Theatre before the Queensland Musical Theatre' s  production of Oliver.

1800 hours: Left a disclosed suburban residence in Hawthorne. Gavin Degraw's, Chariot penetrated the eardrums our eardrums as we gallivanted down Hawthorne Road. 
1810 hours: Head thumped to I Don't Want to Be (another Degraw classic) while idly awaiting a change of lights at Wynuum- Hawthorne Road Intersection.
1820 hours: Had a mild rock out to Missy Higgins, Scar while surpassing the city on the freeway.
1825 hours: St Lucia was ours as we serenaded the local community with I'm Yours, Jason Mraz
1830 hours: Approaching UQ St Lucia campus, Dog Days were over; we nailed speed- bumps like para-gliders.
1835 hours: Parked adjacent to an occupied some skilled soccer players.
1840 hours: Wandered around the Women's Institute with UQ hoping to stumble across the Schonell Theatre. 
1900 hours: After 20 minutes of failing to discover the Schonell Theatre; we made the executive decision to run back to the car. We returned to the car five minutes later  sweaty and breathless. My inbuilt navigation system had failed me. 
1915 hours: After spending 15 minutes driving following arrowed signs to the Schonell Theatre we finally parked. We had passed the skilled soccer players three times.
UQ Map for future reference or people with equally damaged navigation skills.

An hour and fifteen minutes after our departure time, and forty five minutes overdue our estimated arrival time; we entered the Schonell Theatre. After some quick shots of caffeine, we considered ourselves lucky to be there on time! Like all there is a moral to this story; don't call a homing pigeon Kobi. 

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