Friday, 13 July 2012

Let's Be Honest: Dolpins are Evil

Three facts which will change your life; 
1. Dolphins live in what Scientists describe to  be an open society. Where they have both homosexual and bisexual polygamous relations. 
2. Dolphins have been known to massacre their young. 
3. Dolphin rape happens.

 I'll be honest those three facts single-handedly destroyed my life. I don't think I am alone; most people have had the Flipper fantasy. The dream of owning your own Flipper, living in a world where dolphins mystically communicate to people and permit them to ride the waves attached to their dorsal fin. Thank-you google for destroying my childhood, because dolphin rape happens. 
After six years of studying the behavior of 120 bluenose dolphins in Western Australia, an international team of scientists found that dolphins use rape within their pods to assert authority. The news gets worse; dolphins don't keep rape to their own species. There are at least 17 cases of dolphin-human rape reported in the United States alone, every year. Usually these occur close to shore where victims escape before being hauled to an underwater cave. It is difficult to pin point how many deaths are a result of dolphin's hideous sexual antics as the attacks often occur in open waters where there are limited eyewitnesses. Divers have found the remains of humans and porpoises in underwater caves.In 1997 corpses of baby dolphins started to wash up on beaches, scientists were baffled. Another study revealed that dolphins were massacring their young.

While you don't have to confine your swimming to chlorinated pools spread the word, dolphin rape, it happens. On a side note, anyone want a dolphin encounter?

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